Tom và Jerry toàn tập (có tất cả các phim từ năm 1940 >nay )


* 00..Puss Gets the Boot (in this short, Tom and Jerry are known as Jasper the cat and an unnamed mouse)
* 00..The Midnight Snack (from this short onwards, the cat and mouse duo are known as Tom and Jerry)
* 00..The Night Before Christmas
* 00..Fraidy Cat
* 005.Dog Trouble
* 006.Puss N Toots
* 007.The Bowling Alley Cat
* 00..Fine Feathered Friend
* 00..Sufferin Cats!
* 0.0.The Lonesome Mouse
* 0...The Yankee Doodle Mouse
* 0...Baby Puss
* 0...The Zoot Cat
* 0...The Million Dollar Cat
* 0.5.The Bodyguard
* 0.6.Puttin on the Dog
* 0.7.Mouse Trouble
* 0...The Mouse Comes to Dinner
* 0...Mouse in Manhattan
* 0.0.Tee for Two
* 0...Flirty Birdy
* 0...Quiet Please!
* 0...Springtime for Thomas
* 0...The Milky Waif
* 0.5.Trap Happy
* 0.6.Solid Serenade
* 0.7.Cat Fishin
* 0...Part Time Pal
* 0...The Cat Concerto
* 0.0.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
* 0...Salt Water Tabby
* 0...A Mouse in the House
* 0...The Invisible Mouse
* 0...Kitty Foiled
* 0.5.The Truce Hurts
* 0.6.Old Rockin Chair Tom
* 0.7.Professor Tom
* 0...Mouse Cleaning
* 0...Polka-Dot Puss
* 0.0.The Little Orphan
* 0...Hatch Up Your Troubles
* 0...Heavenly Puss
* 0...The Cat and the Mermouse
* 0...Love That Pup
* 0.5.Jerry s Diary (first short with flashbacks to Tee for Two, Mouse Trouble, Solid Serenade and The Yankee Doodle Mouse)
* 0.6.Tennis Chumps
* 0.7.Little Quacker
* 0...Saturday Evening Puss
* 0...Texas Tom
* 050.Jerry and the Lion
* 05..Safety Second
* 05..Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl
* 05..The Framed Cat
* 05..Cue Ball Cat
* 055.Casanova Cat
* 056.Jerry and the Goldfish
* 057.Jerry s Cousin
* 05..Sleepy-Time Tom
* 05..His Mouse Friday
* 060.Slicked-up Pup
* 06..Nit-witty Kitty
* 06..Cat Napping
* 06..The Flying Cat
* 06..The Duck Doctor
* 065.The Two Mouseketeers (first short in which Jerry and Tuffy are mouseketeers)
* 066.Smitten Kitten (another flashback short, featuring clips from Salt Water Tabby, The Mouse Comes to Dinner, Texas Tom and Solid Serenade)
* 067.Triplet Trouble
* 06..Little Runaway
* 06..Fit to be Tied
* 070.Push-Button Kitty
* 07..Cruise Cat
* 07..The Dog House
* 07..The Missing Mouse
* 07..Jerry and Jumbo
* 075.Johann Mouse
* 076.That s My Pup!
* 077.Just Ducky
* 07..Two Little Indians
* 07..Life with Tom (flashback short #., featuring Cat Fishin , The Little Orphan and Kitty Foiled)
* 0.0.Puppy Tale
* 0...Posse Cat
* 0...Hic-cup Pup
* 0...Little School Mouse
* 0...Baby Butch
* 0.5.Mice Follies
* 0.6.Neapolitan Mouse
* 0.7.Downhearted Duckling
* 0...Pet Peeve (in standard and CinemaScope formats/from this short Tom s owner is a white Yuppie-style couple)
* 0...Touch, Pussy Cat! (in standard and CinemaScope formats/second mouseketeer short)
* 0.0.Southbound Duckling (in standard and CinemaScope formats)
* 0...Pup on a Picnic
* 0...Mouse for Sale
* 0...Designs on Jerry
* 0...Tom and Chrie (in CinemaScope format/third mouseketeer short)
* 0.5.Smarty Cat (the final Hanna-Barbera "wrap-around" episode, featuring flashbacks to Solid Serenade, Cat Fishin and Fit to Be Tied)
* 0.6.Pecos Pest
* 0.7.That s My Mommy (in CinemaScope format)
(All cartoons in CinemaScope)
* 0...The Flying Sorceress
* 0...The Egg and Jerry (CinemaScope remake of Hatch Up Your Troubles)
* .00.Busy Buddies
* .0..Muscle Beach Tom
* .0..Down Beat Bear
* .0..Blue Cat Blues
* .0..Barbecue Brawl (Perspecta Stereo)
(All cartoons in CinemaScope and Perspecta Stereo)
* .05.Tops with Pops (CinemaScope remake of Love That Pup)
* .06.Timid Tabby
* .07.Feedin the Kiddie (CinemaScope remake of The Little Orphan)
* .0..Mucho Mouse
* .0..Tom s Photo Finish
(All cartoons in CinemaScope and Perspecta Stereo)
* ..0.Happy Go Ducky
* ....Royal Cat Nap (fourth and final mouseketeer short)
* ....The Vanishing Duck
* ....Robin Hoodwinked
* ....Tot Watchers
Directed by Gene Deitch for Rembrandt Films (..6. ..6.) - .. cartoons
* Directed by Gene Deitch
* Produced by William L. Snyder
* Written by Larz Bourne, Chris Jenkyns, Eli Bauer
* Music by Steven Konichek
* Voice by Alen Swift
* ..5.Switchin Kitten
* ..6.Down and Outing
* ..7.It s Greek to Me-ow
* ....High Steaks
* ....Mouse Into Space
* ..0.Landing Stripling
* ....Calypso Cat
* ....Dicky Moe
* ....The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit
* ....Tall in the Trap
* ..5.Sorry Safari
* ..6.Buddies Thicker Than Water
* ..7.Carmen Get It!
Directed by Chuck Jones for Sib Tower .. / MGM Animation Visual Arts (..6. ..67) - .. cartoons
* Directed by Chuck Jones, Maurice Noble, Ben Washam, Abe Levitow, Tom Ray, Jim Pabian (..7th short)
* Produced by Chuck Jones, Walter Bien, Les Goldman, Earl Jonas
* Written by Michael Maltese, Jim Pabian, Bob Ogle, John W. Dunn, Irv Spector
* Music by Eugene Poddany, Carl Brandt, Dean Elliott
* Animation by Dick Thompson, Ken Harris, Don Towsley, Tom Ray, Philip Roman
* Story by Bob Ogle, Tom Ray
* Vocal Effects by Mel Blanc
* ....Pent-House Mouse
* ....The Cat Above and the Mouse Below
* ..0.Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?
* ....Much Ado About Mousing
* ....Snowbody Loves Me
* ....The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse
* ....Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life
* ..5.Tom-ic Energy
* ..6.Bad Day at Cat Rock
* ..7.The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off
* ....Haunted Mouse
* ....I m Just Wild About Jerry
* ..0.Of Feline Bondage
* ....The Year of the Mouse
* ....The Cat s Me-Ouch!
* ....Duel Personality
* ....Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary
* ..5.Jerry-Go-Round
* ..6.Love Me, Love My Mouse
* ..7.Puss n Boats
* ....Filet Meow
* ....Matinee Mouse (Directed by Tom Ray/flashback cartoon with Love That Pup, The Flying Cat, Professor Tom, The Missing Mouse and The Truce Hurts)
* .50.The A-Tom-Inable Snowman
* .5..Catty-Cornered
* .5..Cat and Dupli-cat
* .5..O-Solar Meow
* .5..Guided Mouse-ille
* .55.Rock n Rodent
* .56.Cannery Rodent
* .57.The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R.
* .5..Surf-Bored Cat
* .5..Shutter Bugged Cat (Directed by Tom Ray/final flashback cartoon with Part Time Pal, The Yankee Doodle Mouse, Nit-witty Kitty, Johann Mouse, Heavenly Puss and Designs on Jerry)
* .60.Advance and Be Mechanized
* .6..Purr-Chance to Dream Download links

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