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Visionman WNBI-.SGR.0 Gaming Laptop PC - Intel Core . Quad Q.550, .GB PC6.00, .x .50GB 7..K/SATA., Blu-Ray ROM-DVDRW, Webcam, .0....a/b/g/n, .7" (.6.0x.050), .x..00M GTX .GB SLI, Vista Ultimate 6.-bit
Visionman WNBI-.SGR.0 Gaming Notebook PC
Wicked Sick Vista Ultimate 6.-bit SLI Gaming Notebook

Give into your desire for ultimate portable gaming, because you’ve found the king of gaming notebooks! Equipped with all the latest in gut stomping gaming hardware, this rig leaves nothing out. From the widely acclaimed Intel Core . Quad Q.550 (yes, we put a full powered quad core desktop CPU in a notebook), to the beastly . x GeForce ..00M GTX .GB video cards – you won’t believe the frame rates you’re going to achieve.
This is Portable?!
Hard to believe, but this really is a notebook computer. This beast is capable of holding three hard drives in any RAID configuration, up to two video cards in SLI, and a massive feature set. Heavy? Depends on how many hard drives you stuff in here. Easily carry this machine to your next LAN party, and laugh all the way to first place in your next tournament.
Personalize Your Rig
We offer a full range of customizability. If a hard drive comes in a ..5” format, you can bet we have a way to install it. Processor options are as vast as sand on a beach. Solid state technology? . year warranty? All configurable. We even have the ability to retrofit your gaming system into a full bore workstation, equipped with Quadro video cards in SLI.

  • Built-in Video Capability
    This notebook comes equipped with an impressive ..0 mega pixel video camera that is typically found only in the high-end laptops. This allows for video conferencing and live streaming video from a lightweight and mobile computer.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
    Perfect for any Bluetooth device! Easily synchronize with your phone, PDA, or any other Bluetooth enabled device. There are a plethora of Bluetooth goodies out in the wild, and your system is all set to take advantage of all of them!
  • Wireless A,B,G,N Fully Supported
    Regardless of what type of wireless hotspot you are in, this notebook will support it! When it’s time to step up a notch, draft n wireless is the way to go! Offering unprecedented 70Mbps speed – you can game and surf online faster than ever before.
  • High Definition Audio
    The onboard HD audio (High Definition Audio, previously codenamed Azalia) CODEC enables high-quality ...KHz/..-bit audio output, jack-sensing feature, retasking functions and multi-streaming technology that simultaneously sends different audio streams to different destinations. You can now talk to your partners on the headphone while playing network games. All of these are done on one computer.
  • nVidia SLI Technology
    NVIDIA® SLI™ technology is a revolutionary platform innovation that allows you to intelligently scale graphics performance by combining multiple NVIDIA graphics solutions in a single system with an NVIDIA nForce® SLI media and communications processor (MCP).
  • Built-in Blu-Ray Technology
    Blu-ray, also known as Blu-ray Disc (BD), is the name of a next-generation optical disc format jointly developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), a group of the world"s leading consumer electronics, personal computer and media manufacturers (including Apple, Dell, Hitachi, HP, JVC, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Thomson). The format was developed to enable recording, rewriting and playback of high-definition video (HD), as well as storing large amounts of data. The format offers more than five times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs and can hold up to .5GB on a single-layer disc and 50GB on a dual-layer disc.

Detailed Features


  • .7” WSGA+ (.6.0x.050) Super Clear Screen
  • Intel Core . Quad Q.550 ....Ghz Processor
  • Quad Core / 6.-bit Support
  • Intel P.65 + ICH.R Chipset
  • .GB Dual Channel DDR.-.00 (.x.GB)
  • (.).50GB SATA-II 7.00RPM ..5” Hard Drives
  • Supports Three Hard Drives
  • RAID 0,.,5 Capable
  • 7-in-. Card Reader (MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/MS Pro Duo/SD/Mini-SD/MMC)
  • Dual NVIDIA ..00M GTX .GB Video Cards
  • SLI Enabled
  • Optional Retrofit to Quadro Video Card(s)
  • Dual Display Ready
  • Microsoft Vista Ultimate 6.-bit
  • Slim .X BD-ROM Blu Ray Reader & .X DVD-RW
  • Intel High Definition 5.. Sound System
  • S/PDIF Digital Output
  • Built-in Microphone
  • (.) Integrated Speakers
  • (.) Express Card .. / 5. Slot
  • Integrated Touchpad w/Scroll Up/Down Slider
  • Full Sized Keyboard w/Numeric Keyboard
  • (.) User Definable Gaming Hot Keys
  • (.) DVI Port
  • (.) D-Sub VGA Port
  • (.) USB ..0 Ports
  • (.) Gigabit RJ-.5 Port
  • (.) RJ-.. Modem
  • (.) ....a Firewire Port
  • (.) S-Video TV-Out
  • Built-in ..0M Digital Camera
  • Intel ..65AGN .0....a/b/g/n Wireless
  • Bluetooth Support
  • Kensington Security Lock Slot
  • ..-Cell Lithium Ion Battery
  • ...55lbs w/Battery
  • ...75” x .5.5” x ...5”

A Closer Look

This Bundle Includes
Intel Core . Quad Q.550 Processor
Leaders of the pack seeking monster performance, look no further. With four execution cores, the Intel® Core™. Quad processor blows through processor-intensive tasks in demanding multi-tasking environments and makes the most of highly threaded applications. Whether you"re creating multimedia, annihilating your gaming enemies, or running compute-intensive applications at one time, new quad-core processing will change the way you do everything. Pioneer the new world of quad-core and unleash the power of multi-threading.

- Socket: 775
- Cores: Quad-Core
- Cache: 6MB
- Frequency: ....Ghz
- Transistor: .5nm
.GB High-Speed DDR.-.00 Memory
When you need dependable memory, Visionman is here to help. We’ve partnered with Silicon Mountain Memory to offer the finest memory in the industry! Offering both rock solid reliability and stellar performance, Silicon Mountain Memory modules will stand the test of time. Guaranteed to be compatible with your system, and run under maximum duty cycles with no problems.

- Memory Size: .GB (. x .GB)
- Memory Speed: DDR.-.00
- Max RAM: .GB
- Dual Channel
Dual .50GB 7.00RPM SATA-II Hard Drives
For when you need speed and storage, look to this massive .50GB notebook hard drive! With 7.00RPM instead of 5.00/..00RPM, your access times are greatly improved and there is plenty of storage available!

- Capacity (GB): 500GB (.50GBx.)
- Speed: 7.00RPM
- Interface: SATA II
- RAID 0 for Pure Speed
Dual NVIDIA ..00M GTX .GB Video Cards
NVIDIA GeForce ..00M GTX GPUs deliver optimized performance for immersive gaming on-the-go. Powering the next generation of visual computing, blazing-fast mobile gaming, and the ultimate HD experience with PureVideo® HD technology. This product is also enabled for CUDA applications and is NVIDIA PhysX-ready.

-Interface: PCI-Express
-Memory Size: .GB
-Memory Interface: .56-bit
-Core Clock: 500Mhz
-Shader Clock: ..50Mhz
-Memory Clock: .00Mhz

.X BD-ROM Blu-Ray/DVD-RW Combo
Blu-Ray has won the format war and is here to stay! Supported by virtually every movie studio and content provider, you can rest easy knowing your Blu-Ray discs will stand the test of time. The Visionman exclusive offers one of the fastest Blu-Ray readers in existence, allowing you to enjoy HD content the way it was meant to be viewed.

- Type: Internal
- Color: black
- Speed: .X
- Burns DVDs as well
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 6.-bit
When you want to have it all, including the ability to shift smoothly between the worlds of play and productivity, there"s Windows Vista Ultimate. You"ll never have to worry about having the most advanced capabilities - they"re all here. This edition of Windows Vista offers an advanced, business-focused infrastructure, mobile productivity, and a premium home digital entertainment experience, all in a single offering. Visionman is a Microsoft Gold Member. They only sell GENUINE Microsoft products.

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Ngon nhưng em thấy hơi bị leech . Xài cpu Quad mà ramDDR II bus .00 ít ra củng xài drr. mới xứng chứ.


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